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Turn Your TV into Framed Streaming Art!

With the installation of a striking frame, your flat screen TV is transformed into a conversation piece, a work of art in itself.  Make it even more impressive by playing a video of rain, a waterfall, or a beach, etc. Your flat screen instantly becomes an animated landscape on your wall.


Custom service available to Altamonte Springs, Florida and the surrounding area.  We’ll bring frame samples to your home, let you choose your style and color, and measure your flat screen for a perfect custom fit.  We can even install the frame, hide the cords and drill a tiny hole if the frame blocks your sensor. Call now for your in-home appointment.  281-748-6212

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I used to think TV’s were unattractive…until I got mine framed. My TV now looks awesome even when it’s off.  One guest kept starring at it and finally asked, “What IS that?.”  My TV is now a focal point and I love to show it off!

Linda  E.

I love gorgeous frames on my art, so when my designer suggested framing my flat screen, I didn’t hesitate.  I had never seen it done before, but I love it.  Now a TV without a frame looks unfinished to me.

Dana H